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We at Blair Machine & Tool are dedicated to making the highest quality parts for the 2-piece can industry. The following list is only a small representation of the thousands of parts we manufacture. For a complete list of our products, please view our product catalog at the bottom of this page.

Note: Any reference to the machinery, part numbers or company names Rutherford/Sequa, Ragsdale-Concord/Alcoa, Belvac, Continental Can, Crown Cork & Seal, Reynolds, or Standun are for cross-reference purposes only. Blair Machine & Tool is not affiliated with these companies. However, the spare parts we manufacture are direct replacements for those supplied by the OEM.


Air Cylinders

100P 376-1
600P 11-16
1000P 55-15
800P 99-9
800P 80-125

Backlash Hubs, Gears, and Bearer Rings

800P 90-23
1000P 90-144
1000P 90-126
1000P 90-97
1000P 90-9S/2
1000P 90-145

Bodymaker and Printer Parts

Bodymaker filters: i.e., VELCON, KEYDON
Rutherford Printer Concord Printer

Can Carriers and Guides

1000P 36-27 M32
1000P 30-147
BMT 1011
BMT 1011 MEX
1000P 32-31
1000P 22-1B

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Concord Gears

Many different Concord inker gears available.

Flat Belt Pre-Spin Unit

For all Rutherford varnish units.

Gravity and Vacuum Infeed

1000P 36-2 ALUMINUM
1000P 36-2 NYLATRON
1000P 36-3
1000P 32-31
1000P 30-30
1000P 30-147

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Ink Fountain Roller Side Scrapers (Plastic)

1000P 91-4 (6) RH
1000P 91-1 U RH
1000P 91-1 RH
800P 89-3 RH
1000P 91-2 LH
1000P 91-2 U LH
1000P 91-5 (6) LH
800P 91-5 LH

Ink Fountain Rolls and Shafts

1000P 384-2
16P 93-1 (6-6)
1000P 90-2
16P 308-6 (6-6)
16P 308-6 (6-6) CE

Inker Clutch Assemblies

Shafts, gears, spacers, shims, etc.
Rutherford type and Blair type

Inker Conversion Parts (12 oz)

Rutherford and FMS sizes

Inker Gearbox Cover

1000P 90-105

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Inker Gears

1000P 90-55
1000P 90-128
1000P 90-115
1000P 90-54
1000P 90-57
1000P 90-56

Inker Plates

Inker plates, replacement bushings.

Inker Rolls

Rolls for Rutherford CD2 and CMP inkers
Available in Urethane and Hypalon


Rutherford Coated
Rutherford Non-Coated

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Miscellaneous Inker Parts

For Rutherford CMP, CD2, 6CD6

Plate Cylinder Shafts

1000P 90-8 CH/2
1000P 90-8 CE
16P 90-4 (6-6)

Plate Cylinders

Magnetic plate cylinder w/ Hub Assembly
Standard plate cylinder w/ Hub Assembly
360° plate cylinder hub, gear, pinion
Standard plate cylinder hub, eccentric, key
Thick top plates

Pre-spin Rings and Nuts

Rutherford and Concord

Spindle Shafts and Nuts

800P 66-1 / 400/600-2948 nut
800P 21-2 / 400/600-2948 plastic nut
1000P 147-1 / 400/600-2948PRT nut
1000P 145-1 / 1000P 145-2 nut

Also shown:
800P 21-1 retaining nut, misc spindle nuts

Spring Steel Scraper Blades

800P 89-2
1000P 362-47E
800P 91-10
1000P 362-47
1000P 362-7
1000P 362-10

Springs and Things

Springs, seals, couplings, bushings,
washers, groove pins, adjusting screws, etc.


800P 45-32
800P 46-4
800P 45-12/30
800P 45-11
800P 45-12/27
800P 45-12/21
800P 45-12
800P 45-12/17

Steel Rails

1000P 30-5
1600C 30-15
1000C 30-16
1000P 30-6

Suction Cups, Bumpers, and Vacuum Pads

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Varnish Rolls

1000P 34-28
800P 35-48
1000P 34-32
800P 35-45

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